Trends Of 2013: Retro Mirrored Sunglasses

  • BY Ryan

Retro mirrored glasses are back for 2013 and they’re lookin’ good! Wear an eye-catching, mirrored frame with all your trendy Spring/Summer 2013 fashion picks whether you go for one or more of: bright colors, ombre, metallic fabrics, white t-shirts or mixed graphic patterns in neutral tones.

Photo Credit: Elle magazine / Who What Wear

How many Spring/Summer 2013 trends can you spot here? (Don’t forget the dark green nails.) We love how the metallic sarong skirt and shiny purse play up the mirrored glasses. The bright-colored, classic sweater with the white t-shirt peeking out gives this outfit livability. This is city street style at its finest.


Zenni Non-Rx A10161222 $19.00

Add to your city street style creds with sleek, mirrored sunglasses like these Zenni A10161222 non-prescription sunnies. These half-rim, 100% UV protection sunglasses have a mirrored, red-tinted outer with grey tinting on the inside of the polycarbonate lenses.  The frame is made of quality TR90 plastic with an anti-slip silicone nose pad for extra comfort. You get all this with an anti-scratch coating included for only $19.00, so you’ll have plenty left over for a fabulous over the shoulder chain purse!

Photo Credit: Street Style Seconds

Here’s more street style and more trends. We like the idea of mixing two solids and two patterns in a variety of neutral fabrics. Whether or not ombre hair is your thing, it’s so easy to mix solid and patterned neutrals in a top, bottom, jacket and tote, then top it off with a brightly-colored pair of mirrored sunnies. Don’t you think the mirrored lenses also brighten up the flatness of neutrals?

Zenni NonRX A10160716 $19.00

Zenni A10160716 non-prescription sunglasses are just right for brightening up neutrals anytime. These beautiful, royal blue, half-rim sunnies with mirrored lenses offer 100% UV protection in Spring/Summer 2013 style. They are so fun to wear and so practical at only $19.00.

Photo Credit: Coutere Me Crazy

The shape of things to come this summer is to go bold or go home. These eye-catching, retro mirrored glasses looks exude confidence and strength.

Zenni NonRX A10184830 $15.95

Don’t be shy; these Zenni high-style retro mirrored, non-prescription sunglasses will probably look better on you than you think — great, actually! Click on the glasses image to get into the Zenni catalog and try the Frame Fit on the right side of the page by uploading your face picture to try these on.

Photo Credit: Scrambled Fashion

Purple mirrored retro sunglasses can be just the ticket for a fun Summer 2013. Check out the cool Zenni version below.


Zenni NonRX A10160617 $19.00

These non-prescription, Zenni A10160617 sunnies will make any day cooler fashion-wise while giving you the 100% UV protection you need for healthy eyes. This women’s half-rim, fashion frame is made of quality TR90 plastic with anti -slip temple arms and nose pad for comfort. The grey-tinted, mirrored, polycarbonate lenses offer maximum eye comfort and an ultra-cool look at the same time. Grey tints distort colors much less than amber ones, by the way and these sunnies are only $19.00!


Why Mirrored Coatings?

Mirror-finished sunglasses don’t just create awesome fashion eyewear, but they are effective light blockers. Adding a mirror coating means that your sunglasses will now reduce between 10-60% more light than regular sunnies. This difference can allow you to see surfaces such as sand, water and snow much better. So, retro mirrored sunglasses aren’t just chic, but in a way can be thought of as safety glasses. If you are able to see surfaces better in the sun, you’re going to be less likely to misjudge distances and more likely to notice that old log sticking out of the water near your boat, for example.