Weekly Optical Illusion: Amazing Bead Chain Experiment

  • BY Ryan

At first glance, when you watch the beads literally “jump” out of the container, it appears that they have taken on a life of their own. However, according “Earth Unplugged” who were the original creators of this video, something much more scientifically and physically possibly is happening than… well, than metal beads on a chain coming to life. Essentially what is happening is purely a matter of physics: the force of the pulling chain dropping to the ground is enough to perpetuate the rest of the chain being “pulled” out of the jar. The large “arc” that develops as the chain exit the glass beaker is just a result of the chain being in perpetual motion and being forced up, and then down. Still, no matter how you slice it… it’s very fascinating to watch.

What do you think? Any alternate theories?