Dress for Victory, Believe in the Underdog: Zenni’s Coach’s Choice Collection

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Calling all AFC Richmond fans! Are you ready to gear up with a look inspired by your favorite Diamond Dogs? Zenni knows that optimism, like great eyesight, is essential for achieving victory on and off the pitch. That’s why we’ve curated a special Coach’s Choice Collection featuring sunglasses that channel the positive vibes and winning spirit of Ted Lasso and the quiet confidence of Coach Beard.

Channel Ted Lasso’s Sunshine with Coach’s Choice: Underdog Collection

Ted Lasso Dupes

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Ted Lasso, AFC Richmond’s mustachioed wonder coach, is all about believing in the power of optimism and teamwork. His signature look is full of warmth and approachability, just like his coaching style. Here’s how to capture Ted’s essence with Zenni’s Underdog Collection:

  • Classic Aviators: Aviators are timeless sunglasses that exude confidence and a can-do attitude. Zenni offers a wide variety of aviator frames in different colors and materials to find your perfect match.  Channel Ted’s sunny disposition with a bright gold or tortoise shell frame.

Key Features for Underdog Style:

  • Polarized Lenses: Whether you’re cheering from the stands or coaching on the sidelines, polarized lenses help reduce glare and ensure you see the game clearly. Just like Ted’s unwavering optimism cuts through negativity, polarized lenses cut through glare for a clear view of the action.
  • Durability: A good coach, and a good pair of sunglasses, needs to be able to withstand the challenges of the game. Zenni’s sunglasses are built to last, so you can focus on cheering on the underdogs without worrying about your shades.

Be Like Beard: Own Your Look with Coach’s Choice: Bearded Legends Collection

Coach Beard dupes

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While Ted brings the sunshine, Coach Beard is the quiet mastermind behind AFC Richmond’s success. His signature look is understated yet undeniably cool. Here are some tips to capture Coach Beard’s essence with Zenni’s Bearded Legends Collection:

  • Wrap-around Sunglasses: Channel Coach Beard’s focused intensity with a pair of wraparound sunglasses. These provide excellent coverage and a sporty aesthetic, perfect for the serious strategist on the sidelines.
  • Wayfarer or Clubmaster Styles: For a slightly more classic look, consider Wayfarer or Clubmaster frames. These iconic styles offer a balance of sophistication and cool, just like Coach Beard himself. Zenni offers a wide variety of colors and materials to find your perfect fit.

Key Features for Bearded Legend Style:

  • Polarized Lenses: Just like Coach Beard’s strategic mind cuts through the chaos of the game, polarized lenses cut through glare for a clear view of the field.  Ensure you see every play with exceptional clarity.
  • Mirrored Lenses: Add a touch of mystery to your look with mirrored lenses. Zenni offers a variety of mirrored lens colors to complement your personal style and add a touch of intrigue, just like Coach Beard’s quiet demeanor.

Suit Up for Victory with Zenni

At Zenni, we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best,  whether you’re channeling Ted Lasso’s optimism or Coach Beard’s strategic cool.  With our Coach’s Choice Collection, you can find the perfect pair of sunglasses to celebrate your love for AFC Richmond and show your support for the beautiful game.  So head over to Zenni today and explore the Underdog Collection and Bearded Legends Collection. Dress for victory, believe in the power of teamwork, and get ready to cheer on AFC Richmond to victory!

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