10 Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

  • BY Matt Souza

glasses for heart shaped faces

It’s always great to have lots of choices, but sometimes you need help narrowing down your selection. With so many frames to choose from at Zenni, finding the most flattering style for your face shape can seem difficult. Luckily for you, we put together a helpful infographic that outlines how to choose glasses for your specific face shape. No matter what you look like, you can use this to know exactly which glasses will make you look and feel glamorous and trendy. In this post, though, we’re focusing on one face type in particular – the heart-shaped face! We’ve scoured our wide selection of products to find some of our favorite eyeglasses to complement those sweet, heart-shaped faces out there.

Best Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a small chin, broad forehead, and high, well-defined cheekbones (lucky you!). Base-up-triangle faces are widest at the forehead with a narrow chin. So, to look your best and brightest, avoid bottom-heavy frames, oversized frames, and frames with a lot of design elements. Try to avoid top heavy styles or decorative designs, and instead opt for something soft and smooth-edged. The goal is to draw attention to the top of the face. If you’re looking to soften your angular features, a rimless style is especially flattering. We suggest round and square frames. For balancing the widths of your face, look for ultra-flattering thin and lighter framed glasses.

Finding the Style for You

Good news: you’re the perfect candidate for the translucent frame trend! Read on for a selection of our favorite eyeglasses that perfectly complement heart-shaped faces.

Sandy taupe translucent frames add the perfect touch of softness to heart-shaped faces. Complement your features with round glasses in this warm, flattering hue for a more modern take on classic neutrals. This soft color is a blank slate, well-suited for just about any look you could think of – grab a pair for a delicate, everyday accessory or dress them up in a pinch with bolder eye makeup or a little black dress.

TRY: Round Eyeglasses #7810915

glasses heart shaped face

Translucent frames don’t need to be ice-clear. Take the trend to the next level with a touch of color, like a soft pink. Give your eye color a little extra contrast and add just enough playfulness to your eyewear to turn heads. The subtle pop of blush pink will accentuate your well-defined cheekbones while keeping your look understated and chic (if you don’t love blush pink, don’t miss the sandy beige for a more neutral take on this trend). Our favorite color combo? Pale pink translucent frames with gunmetal gray clothing for an elegant, high-contrast look.

TRY: Round Eyeglasses #7810017

round glasses heart shaped face

You don’t always have to rock a pale color to complement a heart-shaped face. Thin frames of any tone add balance and softness to your look, especially in round or oval shapes. If you like the vintage look of cat-eye glasses, try these ultra-thin hot pink glasses. The delicate frame construction goes perfectly with angular faces, and the color choice is sure to make a statement.

TRY: Cat Eye Glasses #7807319

glasses for heart shaped face woman

Rose gold is the metallic of the season: from home decor to jewelry, this warm hue is everywhere. Now the trend extends to eyewear and we couldn’t be happier! Add a trendy twist to translucent beige frames with brushed rose gold temple arms. The coppery tones and mixed material construction is a trendy and modern approach to neutrals. This soft look is a perfect complement to a face shape with well-defined angles. Add a touch of Pinterest-worthy minimalism to your look with these round and rosy glasses.

TRY: Round Glasses #7810115

eye glasses for heart shape face

Wire frames and retro shapes go hand in hand. If you have a heart-shaped face, this combo of trends has your name on it! Try an LA-inspired look with round wire glasses in a soft gold for the ultimate casual-cool throwback look. The lightweight frames perfectly balance more angular faces, and the gold-toned stainless steel is flattering on every skin tone. Our favorite pairing? A chunky sweater with these delicate frames for a high-contrast, totally ‘90s vibe. This versatile frame will add a little old-school flair to any outfit.

TRY: Sepulveda Round Eyeglasses #1125214

eyeglasses heart face shapes

Love the scholarly feel of browlines but want to add a bit of glam? Try these half-rim glasses in metallic gold, silver, or bold blue for a contemporary update to classic browline glasses. Thin stainless steel arms keep them lightweight and subtle, but the eye-catching metallic top rim is a great way to make an entrance. Try them with as a quirky statement accessory, or use them to add a vintage-inspired flair up your more casual looks. With a rounded shape and eye-catching upper rims, these glasses complement a heart-shaped face with a lot more attitude than neutral-toned frames.

TRY: Browline Glasses #327314

browline glasses heart face

For people with well-defined cheekbones and angular faces, the year’s biggest trend couldn’t look better. Translucent frames are some of the hottest glasses right now, and they just so happen to to be the perfect complement to heart-shaped faces. Scandinavian minimalism, meet fashion-forward eyewear. They’re subtle, ultra-modern, and unbelievably chic – and with a retro round frame, they might just be your new favorites.

TRY: Round Eyeglasses #7810423

white round eyeglasses

Vintage-inspired browlines combined with trending translucent details? Yes, please! Try these lightweight frames with a translucent brow for a classic-meets-contemporary vibe that’s super flattering for an angular bone structure. The soft round shape and past-meets-future feel add the perfect amount of subtle detail and curated cool factor to any look.

TRY: Browline Glasses #7810723

translucent browline glasses
Translucent frames are popping up everywhere – but maybe you want to try this trend with a bolder finish? Give ice-clear eyewear a try with a bit of a twist with these translucent and gold glasses. The metallic detailing is a glitzy touch on these understated frames, and the smooth round shape balances and enhances a heart-shaped face.

TRY: Round Eyeglasses #7811223

white and gold round glasses

If you put a lot of wear and tear on your glasses but love the ultra-thin translucent frame trend, you’ve met your match. Made with Ultem (an advanced high-tech plastic used by the aerospace industry), these clear and stylish frames are as strong as they are stylish. These super-thin, lightweight glasses are durable and incredibly flattering on angular faces due to their round shape. Try them in a pale translucent champagne yellow to add a bit of warmth to your look, or translucent gray for a cool, sophisticated neutral. And if you’re not into the translucent vibe, there’s always the chic jet black option.

TRY: Round Glasses #7808322

glasses for heart shape face man

Here at Zenni, we have a massive selection of ultra-flattering frames for heart-shaped faces. Plus, our unbelievable prices make it easy to snag more than one pair! Find your next favorite – or favorites – for a look that complements your face shape and keeps up with current trends.

If a heart-shaped face doesn’t describe you, or even if you’re just not sure, try to find a better match with our other guides for diamond faces, oval faces, square faces, and round faces.