Discover Your Winning Eyewear Style with The Kittles x Zenni Collection

George and Clair Kittle wearing glasses from the Kittles Collection

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Get ready to elevate your eyewear game with The Kittles x Zenni collection. These game-changing glasses, created by 49er George Kittle and his trendsetting wife, Claire, are not just about seeing clearly; they’re about making a statement. And speaking of making statements, mark your calendars because you can catch George on “Receiver” available for streaming on Netflix in July 2024. But before you tune in, let’s delve into the world of The Kittles x Zenni collection and discover your winning eyewear style.

Elevate Your Game with George

As one of the most dynamic football players, George knows a thing or two about standing out from the crowd. Now, he’s bringing that same level of intensity and passion to The Kittles x Zenni collection. Each pair of glasses embodies George’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his relentless drive for success. When you wear glasses from this collection, you’re not just making a fashion statement; you’re embracing a winning mindset. Score a style touchdown with frames like the aviator-style “Hayden” boasting a luxurious feel with subtly curved lenses.

George Kittle wearing glasses from the Kittles Collection

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Set Trends with Claire

Claire, a fashion icon in her own right, brings her unique sense of style and sophistication to this collection. As someone who’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion, Claire understands the importance of making a statement with your eyewear. Whether you prefer classic elegance or bold, contemporary designs, Claire’s influence is evident in every pair of glasses in this collection. Get ready to turn heads and set trends with glasses that reflect your confidence and individuality.

Embrace Your Unique Style

The Kittles x Zenni collection is a collaboration that fuses sport, style, and innovation, brought to life by George and Claire. With sleek frames and daring designs, this collection caters to every taste. Whether it’s for the office, a weekend adventure, or a special event, you can embrace your unique style and make a statement with frames ranging from classic to contemporary. With a wide range of shapes, colors, and materials, finding your winning eyewear style has never been easier.

Claire Kittle wearing glasses from the Kittles Collection

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Catch George Kittle on Receiver

Level up your style game alongside football star George Kittle and his wife, Claire! And catch George as he shares his expertise with other top tight ends on “Receiver”  available for streaming on Netflix in July 2024. Learn from the best, and then get ready to score some fashion wins with The Kittles x Zenni collection – a celebration of style that seamlessly merges athletic flair with everyday chic. Visit Zenni to find your perfect pair and embrace the Kittle spirit!

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