Geek Glasses Are Back For Back To School 2012

  • BY Ryan

The bad news is that school is starting up again. The good news is that it’s more than okay to go back to school looking like a dork.

Bigger Is Better

Over-sized, thick-framed, nerd glasses have made a strong retro comeback and the look is customizable for everyone. Being in style this school year can be as simple as pairing a pair of Buddy Wafarers (think Buddy Holly, Clark Kent and Zooey Deschannel) with a button front shirt buttoned up right to the top.


For added fun, the over-sized eyewear can be prescription daily eyeglasses, sunglasses or clear, nonprescription lenses in trendy, thick geeky frames. Some students are even taking a cue from Johnny Galecki’s character, Leonard Hofstadter, on The Big Bang Theory, and wearing only frames without any lenses at all.

Whatever your preferred or needed type of lenses, getting the proper nerdy look for Fall 2012 means that the eyewear size you choose should cover a major portion of your face. Usually, this falls under ‘what not to do,’  but now it’s a ‘what to do’ for being on trend.


If solid black frames just aren’t you, every color of the rainbow awaits. There is red, purple, yellow, green, blue, pink and even multi-colored nerd glasses. You may even want to go for a pattern such as tortoise, or even an overall print like polka dots.


It’s All About You

The main thing is to choose geeky glasses that are you. It’s fun to get several pairs of nerd glasses as accessories for Fall 2012 fashion, so you may want to get one pair of black-framed eyewear and at least one colored or printed pair.


Then, simply find shirts in colors or patterns that you love and, yeah, make sure they button up to your neck. Look for a collar size that fits you, because there’s no point in sacrificing comfort for style. You don’t have to do this for glasses and you shouldn’t have to for clothing either.

Guys from athletes to rappers are wearing the oversized nerd eyewear and buttoned to the neck shirts with suspenders, bow-ties and sneakers. Yes, Steve Urkel has broken out of his time capsule.


For the girls heading back to school, the go to geeky style icon is Zooey Deschannel’s Jess Day character from The New Girl.


But again, make sure you put together a look that works on you and keeps your color and style preferences in mind. For example, preppy knee socks may suit your best friend, yet neither feel nor look like you. That’s okay, because maybe colored geek glasses will be your thing or combining your eyewear with funky, oversized cardigans, skinny jeans and heels could start off your signature Fall 2012 look.


More Style Tips

Whether you’re a girl or a guy, if you’re mad for plaid, go for it this season. If it isn’t you, just wear your favorite stand out color and/or pattern. It’s worth making a few shopping trips to search for the colors that color your world. Yes, there’s still time to shop, but turn off the TV and  pick the things you love.

To complete the look of oversized, nerdy eyewear and buttoned up shirts, choose the style of pants that suits your body type. Not everyone can wear skinny or cropped jeans (think flood pants), or even pleated pants, but as long as you have the glasses, shirt and accessories that are trendy, but are still you, the bottoms aren’t really going to matter too much.


With your back to school style 2012 all figured out, all you have to do is pack your backpack so you’re ‘nerd alert’ ready for the first day of class.