George Clooney’s Classic, Yet Powerful Style

  • BY Ryan

Well, it’s sunglasses season again and this sets my mind to thinking about who especially wears shades well. Handsome George Clooney, who recently turned 51 on May 6, comes to mind immediately and he only seems to look better with age. It’s hard to believe this super hunk is over 50. Yes, the superstar is blessed with incredibly good looks, but he also chooses classic pieces like stylish shades, flattering jeans and leather jackets that keep him appealingly young in spirit.


There’s a nerdy,  school aged Clooney photo floating around the Internet and even then he’s wearing the larger rectangular lenses in his eyewear that he still often does now. It’s nice that he didn’t keep the bowl cut though! (Really, who would?) Clooney’s  hair as an adult is much more glam — especially the distinguished gray sideburns that really suit him and only seem to highlight his beauty rather than detract from it. The term “Silver Fox” was coined for men like George Clooney!


Rectangular lenses really go well with the contours of Clooney’s face, but he’s lucky to be able to look amazing in pretty much any shape of eyewear lens thanks to his (beautiful!) oval face shape.  With our without sunglasses,  Clooney always seems to have a smouldering kind of sex appeal, but I think the dark look of shades only seem to highlight this man’s sex appeal.  It’s no wonder that George Clooney was voted “Sexiest Man Alive” not once, but twice, in 1997 and 2006 by People Magazine.  I like that he’s able to be down to earth and laugh a little about having such a title, even though it’s a positive thing.


Many of Clooney’s characters wear sunglasses. In his 2007 film, The American, Clooney rocks the classic casual look in Zengna SZ3174 aviator sunglasses and a merino wool jacket. That’s a nice style pairing on him.  I also liked his more serious looking aviator shades in his movie, Three Kings. Can you imagine how different Clooney would look in round sunglasses? Yes, these may look a little odd, but perfect if he were given the role of Ben Franklin or John Lennon. Ah, but let’s keep Clooney in the roles in which we’ve become accustomed to seeing the handsome heartthrob.

Image Courtesy of Style Bistro


In Ocean’s Thirteen, Clooney has a very different, yet still handsome, look as Danny Ocean with slicked back hair and the more rectangular shaped Persol 2157 shades. These are close to what Clooney often wears in real life. For instance, in Washington, DC in April for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Clooney was photographed at Virginia’s Dulles International Airport in very similar Persols. Only the double metal bridge section was noticeably different from his movie Persol shades.


With these black  shades and a simple black t-shirt in the Dulles Airport photo, the gray sideburns stand out even more and Clooney is ultra casual, but still distinguished. There aren’t many men who can pull this casual, but classy look off.  I like that Clooney always seems to look so powerful and capable, yet also low key and humble at the same time. How does he do this? Whether he’s in a tux or a t-shirt, this is one hunky man.


So what’s next for George Clooney? Look for him in the SciFi thriller, Gravity, with Sandra Bullock. It’ll be a bit of a wait though for what looks like an awesome movie. Originally set for release to theaters in November, the date will now apparently be sometime in 2013. The unofficial word is that Warner Bros. didn’t want to compete with November films such as The Hobbit. Well, Clooney and Bullock together in a thriller film should be well worth the wait!