Turn Any Eyewear Into 3D Glasses

  • BY Justin Alvarez

You would think with all the innovation 3D technology has produced over the last decade that someone would have stepped forward and updated the age-old, ill-fitting 3D glasses that make audiences look like aliens. Until now, that hadn’t been the case. Enter Stix.

While typical 3D glasses are a material waste and a health risk (you don’t know who wore those glasses before you), designers Lucy Jung and Daejib Ahn have created 3D Vision Sticker as the perfect solution for those already wearing numbered glasses. Instead of wearing two pairs of glasses to view 3D, the self-adhesive Stix design simply attaches to your current eyewear and instantly transforms them into 3D glasses.

The concept originated from Jung’s own inconvenient experience wearing 3D glasses over her numbered eyewear. The stickers are made from mobile screen protector film and are shaped larger than average glasses to ensure the entire glass surface is covered. Additionally, the stickers work perfectly with any clear, non-prescription glasses.

There are a few things the developers can focus on with the concept. As a commenter noted, since 3D eyewear depends on polarization, “If both stickers are not applied perfectly straight the picture will not be clear and the viewer may have a higher chance of motion sickness.” Also, the stickers are not reusable and any air bubble, speck of dust, or scratch on the viewer’s lens could ruin the picture. Anything else the developers can work on with the concept?

However, the concept is a great example of simple, yet innovative, design. And while the stickers are currently only a concept, hopefully Jung and Ahn will be able to soon mass-produce the product. 3D technology is here to stay, whether it’s at the movies or within your home theater system. It only makes sense to produce a product that would aid a large portion of consumers to fully enjoy their movie watching experience.