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Image of a man and woman wearing zenni glasses #4419825 square and #2033512 rectangle against a teal background.


Almost any Zenni frame can be turned into prescription sunglasses. With so many tints and other sunglasses options to choose from, customize your look based on fashion or function.

Image of a variety of pairs of zenni sunglasses, including clip-ons.

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Image of zenni browline glasses #7810712, casting a shadow against a white background.

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An array of white metal aviators shown with yellow, green, purple, blue, and pink tints.

How to Hue?

See which tint is right for you.


Sunglass Tints

Designed for outdoor use, these standard dark tints are available in dark gray, dark green, and dark amber.

Add a Sunglass tint for $10.95

Dark Gray

Dark Green

Dark Amber

Gradient Tints

Dark on top and light on bottom, gradient tints are a chic choice for outdoor sunglasses. Available in smoke gray, dusk blue, sage, golden amber, desert rose, ultraviolet, neon pink, and electric blue.

Add a gradient tint for $15.95

Smoke Gray

Dusk Blue


Golden Amber

Desert Rose


Neon Pink

Electric Blue

Fashion Tints

Take your everyday glasses from just so-so to so-so cool with our lightest tints in light gray, light green, blue, lavender, fuchsia, rose, light amber, and yellow.

Add a fashion tint for $10.95

Light Gray

Light Green





Light Amber


Black square glasses shown with gold mirror tint.

Mirror, Mirror

Take any type of sunglasses to the next level with a mirror finish. We offer the following mirror options: silver, indigo blue, lavender, sky blue, moss green, gold, rose gold, and flame red.

Prices start at

Black square sunglasses shown with Zenni's mirror tint options: silver, flame red, lavender, moss green, rose gold, sky blue, and indigo blue.

You May Also Like

Explore our range of specialized tinted lenses for Zenni sunglasses.


Polarized lenses fight glare, boost contrast, and improve clarity. These types of sunglasses are an excellent choice for driving and outdoor activities — especially water and snow sports. Available in gray or brown tint, our polarized lenses can be customized with mirror finishes. Polarized lenses start at $49.95.

Side-by-side images of a rocky stream with the left side showing glare with non-polarized lenses and no glare on the right with polarized lenses.

Blokz Sunglasses

Blokz tinted blue blocker lenses comfortably shield the eyes from the sun’s rays while protecting them against harmful UV & blue light. Prices start at $43.95.

Man wearing khaki green jacket and sunglasses smiles towards the sun with Joshua Tree National Park in background.


Photochromic lenses are clear indoors and darken automatically in sunlight, for convenient, two-in-one glasses and sunglasses. We offer the following photochromic lenses: Zenni photochromic lenses, Blokz™ photochromic blue blocker lenses, Transitions®, and Vision Ease LifeRx® photochromic lenses. Prices start at $45.95.

Illustration of square glasses showing clear lens on the left when indoors and dark lens on the right in sunlight.


Turn any pair of Zenni glasses into instant sunglasses with our custom polarized clip-ons option at checkout. Custom clip-ons are available in several tints, including a 3-D option for 3-D movies. Prices for custom clip-ons start at $4.95.We also offer clip-on sets. Each set features a pair of stylish glasses with a separate sunshade that attaches seamlessly for instant sunglasses.

Black square glasses with orange interior shown with magnetic clip-on sunshade with dark tint.