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Your Guide to
Fit and Comfort

Here are some tips to get you started on finding the perfect pair of affordable, comfortable glasses.

Start with Frame Width

Our frame sizes are based on the frame front width, measured in millimeters. Here are two ways to determine your frame size.

Measure your current pair

Measure horizontally across the front of the frame from hinge to hinge.

Image of a pair of zenni glasses with a line above them with two outward-facing arrows.

Use frame cutouts

Print and cut out different frame sizes for adults and kids to determine your size range.

Print Cutouts
Image of an icon of glasses, with a pair of scissors cutting along the edges.

Measuring in inches?

Convert your inch measurement to millimeters here and use our size chart to find your size.

Shop by Specialty Fit

Every face is unique. Our specialty sizes give you the comfort you need.

Image of a pair of glasses viewed from the front, with a line that outlines the width of the glasses' frame front.

Narrow Fit

Frames with a narrow width and shorter temple arms for smaller faces.

Narrow fit frames
Image of a profile shot of zenni glasses with carbon fiber temple arms. There is a line above the glasses pointing from the frame front to the end of the temple arms.

Extended Fit

Wider frames with longer temple arms to fit comfortably on larger faces.

Extended fit frames

Kids Glasses

Because kids are kids, we offer durable styles that can stand up to serious play, at a price that won’t break the bank if a pair gets lost.

Durable Frames

Shop our top-rated, kid-tested frames based on durability, fit, and comfort.

Durable Frames
Image of a child wearing grey plastic glasses, reading a book.
Image of a couple wearing Zenni glasses, in an embrace.

Find Your Comfort Zone

To get the most comfortable glasses, you can filter your search with the following features.


From titanium to TR90 to thin acetate, we offer many stylish, lightweight frame options for all-day comfort.

lightweight frames
Image of a pair of zenni glasses that look thin and lightweight.

Universal Bridge Fit

This special nose bridge is designed to fit most faces, including those with low nose bridges.

universal bridge frames
Image of a pair of Universal Fit zenni glasses against a white background.
Image of a pair of glasses, zoomed-in on the nose pads.
Image of a zoomed-in shot of a spring hinge on a pair of glasses.

Nose Pads

Adjustable silicone nose pads are great for those with very narrow noses or a low bridge.

Spring Hinges

Flexible spring hinges offer greater temple arm comfort. Great for kids’ glasses!

Psst...Your PD Matters!

For prescription glasses, you’ll need to know your pupillary distance (PD), the distance between your pupils. If you don’t have your PD from your eye doctor, you can measure it yourself.

Image of a drawing of two eyes, with a line that goes from the pupils down, then the two lines connect. Underneath the line, 'PD=62mm' is captioned.

Try It On!

Use our 3D Virtual Try-On feature to see how any frame will look on you before you buy.

Get Started
Image of a person wearing Zenni square glasses, with dotted lines over their faces showing the various dimensions of their faces.

Glasses for Your Face Shape


Find the most flattering frames with our face shape glasses guide.

Find Yours
Image of an assortment of Zenni glasses on a white background.

Shop by Frame Shape


Start with your favorite shape, then browse our wide selection of styles.

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