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Split image of a woman wearing Zenni glasses, holding a mug. In the top image, her glasses are fogged up, in the bottom image, the lenses are clear.

Anti-Fog Glasses

Say goodbye to foggy lenses and glare with our advanced 2-in-1 Anti-Fog +
Anti-Reflective Coating. Includes special Activator Cloth to keep lenses clear longer.

Add Anti-Fog + Anti-Reflective Coating to most lenses for only $17.95 (compare to $150).


How It Works

*All prices shown in the video are in US dollars.

Steps to Fog-Free Glasses

The Activator Cloth activates the anti-fog properties every time you clean your coated lenses.

Image of a hand holding a pair of Zenni glasses, and another hand holding Zenni's lens spray.
Step 1 Clean lenses as needed with a lens spray or wipes and dry thoroughly with a regular lens cloth.
Image of the person wiping the glasses with Zenni's Anti-fog Activiator Cloth.
Step 2 Use the Activator Cloth daily to gently wipe your lenses on both sides 5-10 times.
Image of a pair of Zenni glasses and the person putting the Zenni's Anti-fog Activator Cloth back to the original, resealable pouch.
Step 3 Store Activator Cloth in original, resealable pouch to optimize shelf life.

We recommend replacing the Activator Cloth after one year. Purchase here

How to Order


Illustration of the front view of a pair of glasses.

Pick a frame


Illustration of a lens.

Select your lenses*


Illustration of fog.

Choose Anti-Fog
Coating in

*Anti-Fog is not available for high-index 1.74, Blokz Photochromic 1.61, Blokz Photochromic 1.67, Blokz Trivex, ANSI Z87.1 Safety Glasses, and ASTM F803 Sports Goggles.


For more information about Anti-Fog Anti-Reflective Coating, please visit our Help Center.