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Multi-spectrum protection from infrared, UV, and blue light exposure.

Three overlapping lens layers demonstrating the 3-in-1 protection of Zenni EyeQLenz.


Shield your eyes from the unseen.

Infrared rays are a hidden threat you can't see, but they're always there, putting your eyes and the skin around them at risk. And if you're anything like Chase, life’s non-stop—always on. EyeQLenz is made to keep your eyes protected and cool, wherever life takes you.

From sunrise runs to social feed scrolls, these 3-in-one lenses protect from infrared rays, UV, and blue light exposure—whether you wear prescription lenses or not.

Plus, their light-adapting technology seamlessly shifts lens tint between indoors and out with ease.

So no matter how your day plays out, you’re always ready to roll.

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Graphic demonstration of EyeQLenz technology with Zenni frames; illustrating it’s 3-in-1 protection in one lens.


Anti-infrared Technology
Stay cool. Protect your eyes and the skin around them from sun damage.

Complete UV Protection
Block out 100% of UVA/UVB rays

Blue Light Filter
Ease eye strain from digital screens for better days and promote better sleep

Light Adaptive
Adjust lens tint color in seconds between indoors and out (and back again)

Vision Wellness
Help guard against harmful light damage for long-term eye health

Advanced Coverage, Smart Choice
Seamlessly protect your eye from morning to night;
Scratch-resistant, water-repellent, anti-reflective coating


Lens illustrating the blocking of harmful infrared rays, demonstrated by a protective barrier and three white arrows pointing toward the lens.


While sunlight brightens our world, it carries hidden threats—unseen rays that can age your eyes and skin.

Infrared light, which makes up a higher percentage of sunlight than even UV, can harm your eye health and accelerate signs of aging in the delicate skin around your eyes.

But don't worry, EyeQLenz has you covered! Our advanced anti-infrared coating shields your eyes—and the skin around them—from the unseen threat of infrared damage. That way, you can enjoy your time outside—without any extra worry or hassle.

Learn more in our FAQ-section.

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Translucent Zenni frames demonstrating photochromic EyeQLenz that transitions from clear to dark gray tint when exposed to light.
Translucent Zenni frames demonstrating photochromic EyeQLenz that transitions from clear to dark gray tint when exposed to light.


Slide to reveal the light-adapting lens tint change.



Chase Stokes gazing into the distance, wearing dark-tinted Zenni EyeQLenz glasses and a casual tan sweater.


All-in-one lens protects your eyes from sun to screen.

Chase Stokes looks at camera while wearing Zenni EyeQLenz glasses, a black-and-white sweater, and a thoughtful expression.


Nurture your eyes for long-term health and vitality.

EyeQLenz ordering steps: Step 1: Pick your perfect frame,Step 2: Select Rx or non-Rx,Step 3: Choose lens type: EyeQLenz


Add EyeQLenz starting at just $39.95.

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Actor Chase Stokes wearing black-framed EyeQLenz glasses and brown jacket, against a dark bookshelf.


Shop the lens that’s got you covered. Uplevel your eye care with multi-spectrum protection, whether you need prescription lenses or not.

Add EyeQLenz to any frames, starting at $39.95.


Get answers to help future-proof your eye health.

Which prescription types are compatible with EyeQLenz? Can I order them with multifocal or reading prescriptions?

EyeQLenz™ is available in single vision, standard/premium progressive options, and non-prescription options. Currently, we do not offer these lenses in reader or bifocal prescriptions.

Can I wear EyeQLenz glasses both indoors and outdoors?

Yes! As photochromic lenses, EyeQLenz will adapt to different lighting conditions so you can wear the same pair of glasses both indoors and outdoors. A subtle, iridescent sheen on the lenses provides an extra layer of protection against infrared light. The lenses remain virtually clear when indoors and filter blue light from digital screens. When exposed to UV light outdoors, the lenses will darken to a gray sunglass tint to protect from sunlight and infrared light.

How do photochromic lenses work?

The lenses have a hint of protective iridescent sheen to block infrared rays and remain virtually clear when indoors. When exposed to UV light outdoors, the lenses will darken to a gray tint to protect from sunlight and infrared light. Please note that the lenses will not darken while driving, as cars already contain UV protection on the windshield.

Tell me more about the infrared protection. Why is it important?

Anti-infrared coating on lenses reduces the impact of infrared (IR) light on both the eyes and the delicate skin around them. Protection from infrared light may help protect your eyes from the possible development of cataracts from prolonged exposure. Our anti-IR coating also protects skin by helping reduce the heat-induced damage caused by IR rays, contributing to the overall well-being of the skin around your eyes.

Do the lenses require any special care or cleaning?

You can clean these lenses as you would with any other pair of glasses by using a spray and lens cloth. If you’re looking for a great lens cleaning kit, we recommend our Wash & Dry kit which comes with an isopropyl alcohol spray and mini microfiber cloth. For quick cleaning convenience, we also have pre-moistened wipes with a new and improved ammonia-free solution that removes smudges and dirt without leaving residue.

How much protection does the EyeQLenz provide against UV light, Blue light, and IR rays?

EyeQLenz shields your eyes from the following light sources:

  • UVA/UVB Rays (100-400nm): 100% blockage
  • High Energy Visible Blue Light (400-450nm): 51.33% blockage
  • Full Blue Light Spectrum (400-500nm): 32.5% blockage
  • Harmful Infrared Rays (780-1100nm): 61.6% blockage

Where do you ship? How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship to over 200 countries worldwide! For a list of available countries, learn more here. For estimated delivery times, check out our shipping policy, which covers standard, expedited, and international shipping estimates and costs.

What scientific evidence supports the infrared exposure and protection claims?