How To Order Awesome Photochromic (Self-Tinting) Glasses

Ordering tint-changing, light-adapting photochromic glasses from Zenni is a piece of cake. First, determine whether this type of lens will work best for your needs. Photochromic lenses are also called variable tinting, automatitic tinting or transition lenses, among other names. If you decide that self-tinting glasses are the way to go, then all you have to do is select your favorite frame, be guided through the simple Zenni ordering system and wait for your awesome, auto-tinting eyewear to arrive at your door!

1. Determine If Auto-Tinting Glasses Are Right For You

Photo Credits: Voglue

*Photochromic lenses are ideal when you’ll be experiencing different lighting conditions outdoors such as on a hike that will likely include both open, sunny areas and deep forest.  You wouldn’t want to use them if you’ll only be in canopied forests or just in overcast conditions. Auto-tinting glasses/sunglasses are also not a good choice for inside a vehicle as the UV blocking property of glass windshields will prevent the lens from darkening adequately. But, for varied outdoor light conditions though, you just can’t beat photochromic sunglasses for helping you see objects standing out in your environment — like that snake on the nearby hill! (Eek!)

*Self-tinting glasses can be a great choice for children as they eliminate the need for both prescription, non-tinted eyeglasses and tinted prescription sunglasses. For many parents, this means one less pair of glasses to lose.

*Photochromic lenses don’t transition from different degrees of light very well in extremely hot or very cold weather, but are an excellent pick in more moderate temperatures as they will lighten and darken much faster.


2. Choose Your Frame

Here are some frame ideas for turning Zenni regular prescription glasses into also having a photochromic prescription sunglasses capacity. Their overall style is similar to the one shown in the photo above.

Zenni Women’s 420611 $23.95

This breezy, yet glamorous women’s rimless frame is available with 37 lens options — including photochromic lenses. It offers a fresh, airy style for auto-tinting sunglasses!

Zenni Women’s 477519 $23.95

How much fun is it to have pink-framed, self-tinting glasses? (Answer: a lot!) This medium-fit, pink stainless steel half-rim frame also has spring hinges for durability.

Zenni Children’s 429721 $9.95

A lightweight, small-fitting, metal alloy frame with spring hinges is ideal for creating auto-tinting glasses for little ones. The adjustable nose pads add to the comfort and durability of this stylish kid’s frame.

Zenni Men’s 210021 $15.95

Titanium memory-fit temples are featured in this lightweight, black metal alloy, full rim frame for men. It’s a medium-large size just waiting for photochromic tinting!


For more ideas, this time in a larger and different lens shape, consider choosing one of these  Zenni frames as prescription photochromic glasses/sunglasses:

Zenni Women’s NEW ARRIVAL! 286117 $9.95

This new, transparent purple-patterned, women’s frame offers such awesome summer style at only $9.95! It’s available in single vision, bifocal and progressive prescriptions and seems to be just waiting for photochromic lenses!

Zenni Women’s NEW ARRIVAL! 293121 $12.95

With simulated wood arms in a thick design, and a fashionably geeky square shape, this new women’s frame would make a contemporary, yet outdoorsy, statement as photochromic glasses/sunglasses. We likey!

Zenni Children’s 230517 $6.95

Here’s a super-inexpensive, yet sturdy, wrap style of kid’s frame with a fun, watercolor style of finish. This Zenni frame works with prescriptions less than +/-2.50 Spherical.

Men’s 230831 $12.95

Wouldn’t this stylin,’  narrow-fit, medium-size, men’s frame with such a unique, transparent and black pattern make great photochromic glasses? But of course!


3. Fill Out The Easy Zenni Order Form

(Just click on any of the glasses images above to get into the Zenni frame catalog and ordering system.)

*Fill in your prescription information and the ordering details for photochromic lenses to determine the cost with the model of frame you’ve chosen.

*Add your completed order to your shopping cart and check your shipping information. Once we process your payment, all you have to do is wait for your snazzy new photochromic glasses/sunglasses! Yay!