Eye on Wellness: Optimizing Your Workspace

To celebrate International Wellbeing Week (March 14-18), Zenni is partnering with Logitech, the leader in ergonomic office solutions, to raise awareness on how the right workspace set-up can support eye health.  

We all know that having the right equipment and ergonomic set-up is key to our overall comfort and physical well-being, but ensuring the proper visual set-up is just as critical.  

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Workspace for Eye Health

1. Light your workspace appropriately.

Ample lighting will help to prevent potential eyestrain that may be caused by your laptop or monitor screen

2. Check the distance and height of screens.  

Placing your monitor or laptop at arm’s length and setting your screen 15 degrees below your eye allows for an easier resting gaze

3. Take a break. 

To prevent eye strain and dry eyes, follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes take 20 seconds to focus on an object 20 feet away. Easy! 

 4. Check your settings. 

To reduce eye strain, increase the zoom settings on your browser for easier reading

5. Block blue light.  

Prolonged exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from digital screens has been linked to eye strain and sleep disruption. Protect your eyes and your sleep by minimizing  screen time before bed and by wearing blue light glasses when looking at screens. Zenni’s virtually clear Blokz® blue-light-blocking lenses can be added to any frame for stylish prescription or non-prescription custom blue light glasses starting at $24. 


International Wellbeing Week Giveaway 

Check out @ZenniOptical and @Logitech to follow the #InternationalWellbeingWeek activities and enter our giveaway starting on March 16th to win all the essentials you need to create a healthy workspace!  

For more ergonomic workspace tips, visit Logitech.