Mural and Vision Screenings at Boys and Girls Club Silicon Valley

Over the past 2 months, Zenni volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley across two exciting events!

On August 12th, 2022, the team helped paint a beautiful mural at the Smythe Clubhouse in San Jose, California. Zenni team members drove from across the Bay Area to partner with PPG Community Engagement and their program, Colorful Communities, which utilizes art to transform community spaces.

The mural was designed by the artist Kyle Holbrook from Pittsburgh, PA who is known for his activism work and commitment to giving back. In the hands of our dedicated volunteers, an inspirational space was created that will be used by over 300 children during the school year.

Several weeks later on September 28th, a vision screening was held after school for over 130 local students. This was the first opportunity for Zenni team members to use their recent vision screening certification obtained through Prevent Blindness. The Zenni team was joined by 49ers cheerleaders and their mascot Sourdough Sam sporting his own pair of custom red Zennis. Learn more about Zenni’s commitment to vision care access.

Our Impact:

  • 130 children received a free vision screening and glasses voucher
  • 25 vision impairments identified
  • Prescriptions and new glasses were ordered the same day by our eyecare team with Blokz Trivex lenses donated by PPG

Sourdough Sam and Zenni Eye Screening Volunteers

Sourdough Sam Joins Zenni Volunteers At The Boys And Girls Club Silicon Valley.

Sourdough Sam and the 49ers support children's eye screenings

Zenni Volunteer Assists Young Girl With Eye Screening

Zenni Team Performs Eye Screenings At Boys Girls Club Silicon Valley.

Zenni volunteer completes eye screening for young boy.

Zenni Vision Screening Results

Children at Boys and Girls Club & Zenni vision screening event