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Blue light is a necessary part of our daily life. It’s what helps us wake up and stay alert in the daytime. However, with the increased use of digital screens, we are now constantly overexposed to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light.

Wearing blue light glasses while you work, study, scroll, or play video games is the best way to protect your eyes and your sleep health from the potential harmful effects of blue light.

Since 2016, Zenni has sold over 9 million pairs of Blokz® by Zenni glasses.

Why Customers Love Blokz®

Zenni’s Blokz® blue-light-blocking lenses offer protection from HEV blue light and UV Rays up to 415-420 nanometers. They are made with an advanced polymer incorporated into the lens for blue-light protection that won’t wear away. Also, Blokz® lenses include an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare to improve visual clarity and cosmetics.

There’s a Blokz® for That

In addition to regular Blokz®, Zenni offers a suite of Blokz® lenses designed for every optical need and every member of the family.

  • Blokz® Trivex® is a superior impact-resistant lens that is the perfect option for active children, teens, and adults. These lenses are a smart choice for rimless glasses, protective eyewear, and sports eyewear.
  • Blokz® Photochromic is designed for people who want blue light protection with the added benefit of 2-in-1 glasses and sunglasses. These lenses start clear indoors and darken when you’re outside in the sun.
  • Blokz® Sunglasses are tinted lenses that are great for the outdoors and come in dark gray, dark amber, and mirrored tint options.

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Introducing Blokz® Plus with 12x More Protection

At Zenni, we work hard to develop the latest and greatest in lens technology for our customers. That’s why we are proud to introduce two new additions to the Blokz® product suite.

  • Blokz® Plus are mildly-tinted, advanced lenses that block nearly 100% of HEV blue light up to 450 nm–that’s nearly 12x more protection from digital devices than our regular Blokz® lens. Blokz® Plus are recommended for heavy screen users and those with difficulty falling asleep at night due to excessive blue light exposure. Available for single-vision and progressive prescriptions.
  • Blokz® Plus Anti-Fatigue includes all the benefits of Blokz® Plus with an added magnification ‘boost’ at the bottom of the lens to help relax the eyes while reading and relieve eye strain. Available for single-vision prescription only.

The Blokz® Difference

Which Blokz® is Right For Me?

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About the Author:Dr. Mori Ahi, O.D.

Dr. Mori has over 10 years of experience in eye care. She earned her undergraduate degree from UCLA and her optometry degree from the New England College of Optometry. She has worked in a variety of eye care settings and is passionate about helping her patients find a great pair of affordable glasses.