What’s So Terrific About Titanium Frames?

  • BY Ryan

The lightweight strength and flexibility of titanium frames just can’t be beat for their value. The top-notch properties of titanium mean the style factor is unbeatable too since many more types of ‘barely-there’ high fashion eyewear designs are possible than with other metals. Titanium frames are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes and are especially suited for half-rim designs to offer better lens support than other eyewear materials.

titamium aviators
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Clearing the Confusion

There are two types of titanium frame — pure and alloy. Pure titanium is about 99% pure while titanium alloy, also called “memory titanium” or “bendable titanium,” is about 75% pure with 25% of other metals such as nickel or copper added. Both kinds of titanium eyewear frame will be lightweight, durable and strong, but pure titanium frames, which are typically more expensive, will exceed the memory titanium in all of these qualities.


However, memory titanium has a flexible property that makes it ideal for temple arms that always provide a snug, comfortable fit and this makes frames that include front sections made of other metals such as stainless steel a little lighter to wear. This lightweight flexibility is highly sought after by many prescription eyewear users not only for comfort and fit, but because this bendable property makes for glasses arms that bend and don’t break!


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