Zenni Partners with ArtLifting to Support Disabled Artists

  • BY Lainie Petersen

Art is a healing medium for so many people. The ability to create something beautiful by engaging the mind and body can offer artists hope, stability and inspiration. One organization, ArtLifting, seeks to provide creative opportunities to individuals who might not otherwise get a chance to not only create art, but to sell it. ArtLifting provides space and materials to artists who are disabled, homeless, or struggling with addiction. These artists can then sell their work through ArtLifting and other galleries.

The ability to sell and make a living from creating art means a lot to ArtLifting artists. This is how one artist explains the impact of the program on his life:

“A month or so ago, somebody saw my artwork on ArtLifting and because of that, I’m having my first solo show… If things keep going like this, I won’t have to live on disability anymore. And that feels great.”

–Allen Chamberland, ArtLifting Artist.

Last month, Zenni paid a visit to ArtLifting’s studio in San Francisco. Zenni staff got to meet the artists, check out the facility and see some of the amazing artwork on display. In addition, Zenni was able to present free eyeglasses to artists who need vision correction but can’t afford an eye exam, frames, or lenses. Zenni is proud to be able to support the ArtLifting mission and encourages our blog readers to check out this incredible organization.