Zenni Video Contest – Third Place Winner!

Andie Bottrell of Springfield, Mo., tickled the judges with a zany video she wrote, directed, and starred in, which shows her blurry-vision point of view – until she finds a pair of round tortoiseshell Zenni glasses attached to a tree. Now with clear, crisp, corrected vision, Bottrell frolics in the snow. At the end of the day, she even puts on her glasses to go to sleep, which she confirmed she actually does. “All the better to see my dreams with,” she said.

Check out her video below and tell us what you think in the comments!

Getting to know our winners:

Zenni: Did you write, direct, and perform in the video?
Andie: Yes.

Zenni: Who were the actors in the video?
Andie: Me.

Zenni: How long did the shoot take?
Andie: 3-4 hours.

Zenni: Did any funny or weird or troublesome things happen on the shoot?
Andie: Not especially, though I’m sure the neighbors shoveling their snow where wondering why the hell I kept running into that tree.

Zenni: What were the special challenges you faced in making this video?
Andie: I just moved to Springfield, MO and didn’t know anyone to build a cast and crew in time, so I had to do it all myself- writing, directing, filming, acting, editing, sound. The most difficult challenge was being both behind and in front of the camera at the same time- this required tying my camera to a tree branch and to the shower to get the shot.

Zenni: Have you won in other contests before?
Andie: No.

Zenni: How many Zenni Pair you own?
Andie: One, so far. I had just ordered my first pair- I’d been searching for the past year for glasses like this (round like Anna Karina’s- or Harry Potter- or John Lennon depending on your age and genre preferences)- when I read about the contest.

Zenni: How long have you been shopping with Zenni online?
Andie: The past few months.

Zenni: Full-rim, half-rim or rimless?
Andie: Full rim.

Zenni: How did you come up with idea for your video?
Andie: Personal experience 🙂 The past few months I’ve found myself opting for my glasses over my contacts, and not just for lazy reasons, but for aesthetic reasons. I thought your customers would probably relate.

Zenni: Do you have other hobbies apart from filmmaking?
Andie: Filmmaking is my passion and my pursuit- primarily writing, directing, acting and editing. I do enjoy all creative field, though, from music to painting to photography.

Zenni: If you had only two words to describe Zenni Optical what words would you use?
Andie: Affordable & Good-lookin’

Zenni: Why do you wear glasses?
Andie: I started wearing glasses in the third grade because I could not see the big E. When I was a teenager, I got contacts. I wear glasses today because I love the way they look.

Zenni: How will you spend the money (Will you spend your money on new glasses)?
Andie: Of course! Glasses for the whole family! Glasses for the dogs! Glasses for the glasses! Truthfully, I would love to be able to buy a new camera with some nice camera lenses- you don’t happen to sell those, do you? (:

Questions about the crew:

Zenni: What inspired you to create and use this wacky voice?
Andie: I have no recollection of where that voice came from or why- I presume it came, like all great art, from the ether.

Zenni: Do you really sleep in Zenni Glasses?
Andie: Oh, yes. All the better to see my dreams with.

To find out more about Andie, go check out her website!