Healthy Vision Month: Tips for the Summer

Two pairs of Zenni glasses sit on a pink background surrounded by slices of dragon fruit, watermelon, kiwi, limes, and lemons.
Summer is almost here! Since May is Healthy Vision Month, we are excited to share some healthy vision tips as you start to enjoy some popular outdoor activities.

Tip #1

Order a New Pair of Sunglasses

A female model wears Zenni prescription tortoiseshell sunglasses with red tints on the lenses.
It’s important to use sunscreen for your skin when you’re outside this summer–but how will you protect your eyes? Sunglasses from Zenni provide 100% UV protection from damaging rays. UV light exposure can impact various structures in the eye such as the cornea and retina, and most commonly can lead to decreased vision secondary to cataracts and macular degeneration. If you’re planning to be near the water, make sure to order your sunglasses with polarization and even fun mirror tints so you can enjoy a glare-free day at the beach.

Tip #2

Eye Safety

A middle-aged male model with black and gray beard wears clear Zenni safety glasses.
Spending more time outside enjoying various sports and hobbies may lead to an increased risk of eye damage. At Zenni, we offer a wide array of impact-resistant ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses and ASTM sports goggles perfect to protect your eyes this summer.

Tip #3

Schedule Your Annual Eye Exam Before School Starts!

A young boy sits on green field wearing Zenni kids sunglasses. He is wearing a button-up blue and white short sleeve shirt over a light blue t-shirt.
Summer break is a great time to schedule annual eye exams for you and the kids. Yearly eye exams are recommended for all ages, even if you believe you have good vision. Adult eye exams can help reduce eye strain from any possible vision changes, as well as help detect eye disease. Children are often unaware of vision changes, therefore consistent annual exams will help monitor your children’s vision and keep their prescriptions updated. Make sure to order everyone a brand new pair of Zennis so they arrive in time for those back to school photos!

About the Author: Dr. Mori Ahi, O.D.

Dr. Mori has over 10 years of experience in eye care. She earned her undergraduate degree from UCLA and her optometry degree from the New England College of Optometry. She has worked in a variety of eye care settings and is passionate about helping her patients find a great pair of affordable glasses