Libra Season: Your Eyewear Horoscope

Traits: Diplomatic, Gracious, Communicative, Social

Sign: Air

Power Color: Pink

Symbol: Scales

It’s your time to shine, Libra! The most social of the zodiac signs, people love to be around your charming sense of humor and gracious demeanor. Ruled by Venus, Libras are best known for their love of balance. You crave a sense of harmony in all aspects of your life. You’re the happiest when surrounded by calmness and order and have no problem kicking chaos and mess to the curb.

As a Libra, being surrounded by beauty is essential to you. You’re always looking for new ways to incorporate beautiful pieces into your life and find equal joy in picking up a precious new accessory or a deliciously scented candle. It’s now wonder that people born under your sign often become designers, decorators, and stylists.

How to Wear the Libra Power Color

Your power color is pink. The sweet, pastel hue is perfect for your gentle soul and accentuates your charming personality. Pink is also known as the color of love. If you’re feeling romantic or just want to add some loving energy to your day, pop on a pair of soft pink frames or try a pair of sunglasses with rose-tinted lenses. Start shopping our Libra glasses now.


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