Pisces Eyewear Style Horoscope

Pisces Traits: Romantic, Imaginative, Wistful, Compassionate, Imaginative

Sign: Water Bearer

Power Color: Light Green

Symbol: Fish

Happy birthday Pisces! As the “old soul” of the zodiac family, it’s no surprise that you love nothing more than to be surrounded by peace and beauty. you’re known for your compassion, sensitivity, and artistic nature. Always helpful and supportive, you’ll drop whatever creative project you are working on to comfort a friend in need.

When it comes to style, an ethereal palette is just right for you. You’re a romantic and your clothes show it. You like flowy, delicate pieces complemented by unique accessories (some even handcrafted by you!) that have plenty of sass.

How to Wear the Pisces Power Color

To stay balanced both mentally and physically, Pisces should wear plenty of sea green and pastel blue. Green helps you to see the world from a new perspective, while blue keeps you calm and centered.  The next time you are pondering a life change, try heading outside for a hike in a pair of sea green sunglasses or wear a pair of light blue glasses for extra zen during a hectic work week. Start shopping our selection of Pisces glasses now.


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