Virgo Season: Your Eyewear Horoscope

Virgo Traits: Loyal, Hardworking, Practical, Kind

Sign: Earth

Power Color: Earthy green and brown

Symbol: Goddess of Wheat and Agriculture

Happy Birthday Virgo! You are a perfectionist at heart and always looking for ways to improve the way that you do things. If signs were electronics, you’d be the computer of the zodiac. You deal with situations by inputting as much information as possible, processing, and then organizing it into a clear concept. It’s this trait that leads your nearest and dearest to lean on you for support. They know that your practical approach can solve pretty much any problem! It isn’t just your resourcefulness that draws people to you. Virgos are incredibly loyal friends and love to help in any way possible.

Virgo style is much like your personality – sophisticated, humble, and practical. Classic silhouettes appeal to you the most, and you’re able to wear them a way that doesn’t look too buttoned-up or conservative.

How To Wear Virgo Power Color

The power colors for Virgo are earthy greens and browns (no surprise here, since Virgos are an Earth sign). These tones represent stability and growth, and can help to ground you. Opt for a pair of mossy green glasses to add fresh energy to your eyewear wardrobe, while a brown frame can add calming energy that’ll help keep your active mind from hitting overdrive. Start shopping our Virgo glasses now.


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