Embrace the Revolution: Zenni Welcomes Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses

Zenni is thrilled to announce the inclusion of the latest innovation in eyewear technology – Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses. As we continue to blend style with functionality, these new lenses set a benchmark for performance, speed, and aesthetic variety in the market.

Embrace the Revolution: Zenni Welcomes Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses

Lightning-Fast Activation and Fade Back

Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses redefine the expectations for photochromic performance. Experience category 3 darkness in under 25 seconds, a staggering 30% faster than the previous Gen 8 lenses. What’s more, they return to crystal clarity in less than 2 minutes, doubling the speed of their predecessors. This swift adaptation ensures seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor environments, providing comfort and protection without skipping a beat.

A Spectrum of Style

Dive into a world of color with eight spectacular tints, including the stunning new Ruby Red. These lenses offer a consistently true-to-color experience throughout activation and fade back, eliminating any odd hues that could disrupt your vision. With Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses, your eyewear becomes a statement piece that truly reflects your individual style.

Unparalleled Clarity and Protection

Embrace the Revolution: Zenni Welcomes Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses

Achieve unmatched clarity in their clear state and profound darkness when activated. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that these lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, they provide significant protection from blue-violet light, with a 32% reduction indoors and an impressive 85% outdoors, guarding your eyes against the most harmful wavelengths.

Why Choose Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses at Zenni

At Zenni, we believe in offering our customers the best in eyewear innovation. Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses embody this belief, blending cutting-edge technology with a diverse palette of colors to suit any taste. Whether you’re stepping out into the sun or working by a window, these lenses adapt swiftly, ensuring your eyes are always protected in style.

Join us in celebrating this exciting addition to our collection. With Transitions® Gen S™ Lenses, you don’t just wear glasses; you make a statement. Experience the revolution in eyewear technology with Zenni, where style meets unparalleled benefits.

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