Bang Hairstyles And Glasses For Every Face Shape

  • BY Ryan

With Michelle Obama’s recent 49th birthday hairstyle change to beautiful, Cleopatra page boy bangs that are getting quite the rave reviews, a lot of women are already following suit. But what is the best way to wear bangs for those of us who wear prescription glasses? Of course, Zooey Deschanel has already answered that question beautifully in the popular sit-com, The New Girl, with that fabulously flowing hair that seems to perfectly frame herĀ  over-sized glasses frames. But, both Michelle and Zooey have oval-shaped faces that typically rock pretty much any type of hairstyle and lens shape, so here’s a quick guide for the rest of us:


Soft bangs swept to one side that may dip a little over one eye into the top of the glasses’ lenses can be sexy and flattering on people with round or full faces. The concentration on one side helps minimize the look of a complete circle to add interest and style. Strong, angular-shaped frames or sometimes, deep aviators and/or rimless lowers can look great on round-faced people. Generally, smaller frames should be avoided as they will emphasize fullness in the face. Here are a few of our picks: 756711 $19.00

and 418911 $9.95


Emphasizing the forehead rather than the pointy chin area is often super-flattering on those with triangular face shapes. These people can usually get away with heavier bangs in a thick fringe as well as frame styles with a lot of detail or thickness at the top. Rimless bottom lens styles of eyewear frames also tend to suit a triangle-shaped face, but wider rather than narrower frame styles should be sought out. Here’s some examples of fabulous frames for triangular faces: INSERT: 583414 $27.95

and 754525 $29.95


Full, fluffy bangs often look awesome on heart-shaped faces, but wearing the bangs swept back onto the head may also be great for a change up. Heart-shapes often do round lenses proud — especially if the frames are thin rather than thick. Frames with a lot of upper details may not flatter a heart-shaped face, but some airy, openwork detail could work well. Here are a few cute styles to consider: 364218 $23.95

and 414124 $15.95


Similar to heart and triangular face types, the diamond is wider at the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead. The balance between the chin and forehead allows diamond face shapes to usually handle any cut and style of bangs, so have fun experimenting! Glasses that emphasize the cheekbones such as cat eye styles or oval frames like these ones can flatter a diamond-shaped face: 272018 $12.95

and 260621 $15.95


Side swept, sleek bangs can look elegant and flattering on long, or oblong, face types. Eyewear that is too small should be avoided as it will likely only make the face look longer. Deeper as opposed to wider frames will help balance out an oblong face shape. Temple details on glasses can bring focus upward and create visual width to the face rather than accent its length. You may have to experiment to get the right glasses shape for you. Here are some cool glasses to consider: 312311 $23.95

and 409417 $29.95


Soft, side swept or fringed bangs rather than harsh, blunt cut ones are typically the most flattering to a square face. Blunt, harsh bangs will emphasize an angular jaw rather than compliment it. Round, oval or figure-8 shaped frames tend to work beautifully on a square face shape. Here are a few of our favorites: 361421 $23.95

and 578436 $39.95


Although it’s true that those with oval face shapes tend to look flattered by nearly every hairstyle and lens shape, this isn’t to say there aren’t a few “dos and don’ts.” Size matters in that too small of glasses for the face can seem unflattering. Keeping scale in mind is important. Also, some people with oval-shaped faces may look better with “fringier” rather than solid bangs if they have small features and/or pale skin and hair. Here are some great glasses suggestions for oval faces: 408315 $23.95

and 229116 $15.95