Stay in Trend with the Latest Eyewear Fashions

Eyewear has evolved beyond being a tool for better vision. Today, it’s an integral part of personal style, and a way to make a bold fashion statement. The latest glasses trends reflect this, boasting a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Here’s a guide to help you keep up with the most popular glasses trends this season.

2023’s Most Popular Glasses Styles

Contrary to earlier times where minimalism reigned supreme, the current eyewear trends can be described as ‘more is more’. From oversized frames to vibrant colors, this year is all about making a statement with your glasses. Here are some trends that are leading the pack:

  • Bold, Thick Frames: Bold frames are in, and they’re perfect for making a statement. These frames are usually made of plastic and come in a variety of vibrant colors.
  • Colorful Glasses: This year, glasses are getting a burst of color. Green, blue, red, you name it. Now you can match your glasses with your outfit or mood.
  • Oversized Frames: Inspired by the ’70s and ’80s, oversized frames are back in style. These frames are perfect for those who want to achieve a retro look.

Choosing the Right Trendy Frames for Your Face Shape

While it’s important to keep up with the trends, it’s equally important to choose frames that complement your face shape. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the best choice:

  • Square Faces: Opt for round or oval glasses to soften the angular lines of your face.
  • Round Faces: Rectangular or square frames can provide contrast and make your face appear longer and thinner.
  • Oval Faces: Almost any frame shape will suit you, but try to avoid overly large frames that could overwhelm your features.

Protecting Your Eyes While Staying Trendy

While trends are important, they should never compromise the health of your eyes. Many glasses now come with lenses that protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. A great example is the stylish range of cool glasses available at Zenni Optical. Not only do they keep you on-trend, but they also come with blue light blocking technology to ensure your eyes stay protected.

While keeping up with trends can seem like a daunting task with ever-evolving fashion, remember that the best glasses are the ones that make you feel confident and comfortable. Whether it’s bold, colorful frames or oversized ’70s-inspired glasses, let your eyewear reflect your unique style.