Do-It-Yourself Eyeglasses Frame Storage Solutions: Quick And Easy Ideas to Make

  • BY Ryan

For most of us, crafting using easy-to-find, inexpensive materials is a lot of fun. It’s even better when what we make will add to the beautiful organization of our home and care for our eyeglasses collection at the same time! Here are our all time favorite DIY frame storage ideas that are super-fast and incredibly easy to make:


Just use your imagination, an old board and a leather lace to make Sofie Sausser’s 10 minute eyeglasses holder. You’ll need a hole drilled in the board near each end so you can knot the leather lace in the back. If rustic isn’t your style, you could paint the board and use chain or wire. This is one cheap and clever project!


There aren’t even any directions required for this adorably vintage eyeglasses storage idea slash side table posted on by “DIY Mom.” All you do is attach some furniture legs to an old, but intact, suitcase. Or, metal legs on a sleek, contemporary briefcase could substitute well in a more industrial or trendy space. Inside your chosen suitcase, line up your frames that are stored inside protective cases or opt to store your eyeglasses in organizer tray sections. 


If you have both a collection of hats and eyewear, why not team them up and line them up on a closet shelf? This is a wonderful storage idea by Mukulika Mukherjee that’s a real space-saver with a super-cute factor too.


Kudos go to Shannon Madigan over at her blog,, where she posted her idea of turning an old wooden fishing pole rack or towel bar into a cute holder for sunglasses. Her project can be personalized your way — simply wing it by adding your choice of paint or fabric to your cleaned, sanded thrift store or flea market find and seal with a product such as Mod Podge.

Credits: Hilda Grahnat on Valentina De

We love that eyeglasses draped on simple wooden clothes hangers that are hung on the wall near a closet can be a part of such a serenely-beautiful bedroom! Wouldn’t you love to have a room like this?


Use any size, color and style of picture frame without the glass to store your glasses frames. Top the cardboard backing with whatever you choose from plain white paper to multi-colored fabric to funky gift wrap to a textured wallpaper scrap. Then, secure ribbon or twine with tape at the back, leaving the center free to slip eyeglasses arms over. If you’re using a metallic-colored frame, you may want to use a matching color of ribbon.


Always Room For More

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