Young woman wearing stylish gold-framed aviator EyeQLenz™ frames, running on a mountainous trail on a sunny day, highlighting suitability for outdoor enthusiasts.

All-in-One Defense: Block Infrared, Blue Light & UV

Defend your eyes & skin against aging infrared, blue light, and UV rays with our light-adaptive lens, now in vivid new colors.

from Zenni Optical

Anti-Infrared Technology

Protects your skin & eyes from infrared exposure, known to cause premature aging or eye issues.

Blue-Light Blocking

Reduces eye strain by filtering out harmful blue light emitted from digital devices.


Photochromic lenses in vivid new colors that change tint based on lighting conditions, great for indoor & outdoor use.

See the science behind EyeQLenz's advanced lens technology

Shield your skin:
combat rapid aging
from the sun's heat

Fight wrinkles & dark spots on your skin with anti-infrared protection

The skin around your eyes is prone to wrinkles-and-dark-spots due to the sun's relentless heat. Our advanced photochromic lenses act as a barrier, blocking harmful UV and infrared rays and cooling your eyes by up to 6.1°F or 3.3°C¹. Now available in stylish colors like red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, and gray, EyeQLenz™ automatically adjusts to changing light conditions, providing all-in-one protection for any environment. By reducing oxidative stress and collagen breakdown, EyeQLenz™ can help keep your eyes and skin looking young and healthy, all while enhancing your comfort and allowing you to express your personal style.

The EyeQLenz™ difference

See what sets EyeQLenz™ apart from our other lens offerings

EyeQLenz™Blokz® PhotochromicBlokz®Standard
Anti-infrared protection
Light-adaptive (Photochromic)
Blue light blocking
100% UVA/UVB protection
Lens tintVirtually clear indoors, tinted outdoors. Comes in red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, grayVirtually clear indoors, outdoor tint varies by typeClear or 8 vibrant colors for heavy screen useClear
Included lens coatingWater-resistant
Starting price$39.95$8.99$22.95Free
Translucent Zenni frames demonstrating photochromic EyeQLenz™ that transitions from clear to dark gray tint when exposed to light.
Translucent Zenni frames demonstrating photochromic EyeQLenz™ that transitions from clear to dark gray tint when exposed to light.

Light-adaptive lens

Slide to see the lens tint change from clear to gray.

Three lenses overlapping, transitioning from clear to darker shades to demonstrate how the material adapts to light exposure.

The lens that does it all

For adventurers, wellness seekers, kids, and everyone in between

Anti-infrared technology
Help protect eyes & skin from sun damage and premature aging

100% UV Protection
Block UVA and UVB rays for peace of mind outdoors

Blue Light Blocking
Can ease eye strain and fatigue from prolonged screen exposure

Light-Adaptive - now in vivid new tint colors!
Lens tint changes in seconds from virtually clear indoors to colored tint outdoors, with a hint of protective pink sheen.

EyeQLenz™ FAQs

Get answers to help future-proof your eye health.

Which prescription types are compatible with EyeQLenz™? Can I order them with multifocal or reading prescriptions?

EyeQLenz™ is available in single vision, standard/premium progressive options, and non-prescription options. Currently, we do not offer these lenses in reader or bifocal prescriptions.

Can I wear EyeQLenz™ glasses both indoors and outdoors?

Yes! As photochromic lenses, EyeQLenz™ will adapt to different lighting conditions so you can wear the same pair of glasses both indoors and outdoors. A subtle, iridescent sheen on the lenses provides an extra layer of protection against infrared light. The lenses remain virtually clear when indoors and filter blue light from digital screens. When exposed to UV light outdoors, the lenses will darken to a gray sunglass tint to protect from sunlight and infrared light.

How do photochromic lenses work?

The lenses are virtually clear indoors with a hint of protective pink iridescent sheen to block infrared rays. When exposed to UV light outdoors, the lenses will darken to a colored tint, now available in exciting new colors: red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, and gray. These outdoor color options protect your eyes from sunlight and infrared light while offering a stylish look. Please note that the lenses will not darken while driving, as cars already contain UV protection on the windshield.

Why do my lenses have a pink sheen to them?

The subtle pink iridescent sheen on your EyeQLenz™ is a unique characteristic of our advanced anti-infrared coating technology. This innovative feature sets EyeQLenz™ apart from other eyewear products by providing an extra layer of protection against aging infrared rays, which can penetrate deeper into the skin than UV rays and contribute to premature aging. While the pink sheen may be noticeable upon close inspection, it is a sign that your lenses are actively defending your eyes and the delicate skin around them by blocking harmful infrared light. Rest assured, the pink hue does not significantly impact the overall appearance of your lenses when worn or compromise the clarity of your vision.

What color tints does EyeQLenz™ come in?

EyeQLenz™ offers a variety of colored tints to suit your style preferences while providing optimal eye protection outdoors. The available outdoor tint colors are:

  • Gray
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green

These color options allow you to customize your look while ensuring your eyes are protected from sunlight and infrared light. Whether you prefer a classic gray, a bold red, or a trendy pink, EyeQLenz™ has a color option to match your personal style!

Tell me more about the infrared protection. Why is it important?

Anti-infrared coating on lenses may reduce the impact of infrared (IR) light on both the eyes and the delicate skin around them. Protection from infrared light may help protect your eyes from the possible development of cataracts from prolonged exposure. The anti-IR coating may also protect skin by helping reduce the heat-induced damage caused by IR rays, contributing to the overall well-being of the skin around your eyes.

Do the lenses require any special care or cleaning?

You can clean these lenses as you would with any other pair of glasses by using a spray and lens cloth. If you’re looking for a great lens cleaning kit, we recommend our Wash & Dry kit which comes with an isopropyl alcohol spray and mini microfiber cloth. For quick cleaning convenience, we also have pre-moistened wipes with a new and improved ammonia-free solution that removes smudges and dirt without leaving residue.

How much protection does the EyeQLenz™ provide against UV light, Blue light, and IR rays?

EyeQLenz™ shields your eyes from the following light sources:

  • UVA/UVB Rays (100-400nm): 100% blockage
  • High Energy Visible Blue Light (400-450nm): 51.33% blockage
  • Full Blue Light Spectrum (400-500nm): 32.5% blockage
  • Harmful Infrared Rays (780-1100nm): 61.6% blockage

Where do you ship? How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship to over 200 countries worldwide! For a list of available countries, learn more here. For estimated delivery times, check out our shipping policy, which covers standard, expedited, and international shipping estimates and costs.

What scientific evidence supports the infrared exposure and protection claims?

Can EyeQLenz interfere with Face ID or other facial recognition systems?

The anti-infrared EyeQLenz may interfere with Face ID or other facial recognition systems. Face ID uses infrared light to create a depth map of your face and a 2D infrared image. The EyeQLenz coating helps block infrared light to protect your skin and eyes, indoors and outdoors, which can affect the performance of these systems.

¹Based on a controlled experiment conducted by Conant Lens, after 3 minutes of infrared (IR) heat exposure, the lens without an IR filter reached a temperature difference of more than 6.1°F (3.3°C) compared to the lens without an IR coating.