Progressive Lenses

Fusion of style & function

Experience seamless vision at all distances, without switching glasses. Smoother views—digitally-tailored for you. Starting at just $50.95!

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Progressives vs. Bifocals

Which is right for you?

Progressive lenses offer seamless, line-free transitions across near, intermediate, and distance vision zones. Bifocals have two zones separated by a visible line.

All-Purpose Progressives

Choose from two progressive lenses options, both designed for clarity across all distances.

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Premium Progressives


Lens pricing starts at $69.95

  • Up to 40% wider viewing areas
  • Maximum comfort and balanced fields of vision
  • Easier adaptation between zones
  • Fully customized German-engineered lenses
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • 100% UV protection

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Standard Progressives

Lens pricing starts at $50.95

  • Comfortable and balanced view
  • German-engineered lenses
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • 100% UV protection

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Workspace Progressives

Designed for detailed tasks, they enhance comfort and clarity for close-up and computer work without distance vision.

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Near-range Workspace Progressives

Lens pricing starts at $50.95

Designed for optimal comfort and clarity for tasks within 3 feet, perfect for:
  • Prolonged reading
  • Using handheld devices
  • Heavy computer use
  • Sewing/crafting

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Mid-range Workspace Progressives

Lens pricing starts at $50.95

Tailored for enhanced clarity and comfort within 14 feet, ideal for:
  • Heavy computer use
  • Office/meetings
  • Watching TV
  • Dining out
  • Moderate reading

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How To Buy And Customize For You

Fit them to your prescription and lifestyle.

  • 1. Find your frame Discover your ideal fit and style with our Virtual Try-On feature.
  • 2. Add prescription It’s simple to upload your prescription or enter manually.
  • 3. Select lenses Easily personalize your pair: add Transitions®, Blokz®, or fashion tints.

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“Love my glasses so much. Progressives made affordable!”

“The very best glasses I have ever owned!”

“Love Zenni, I could never afford my progressives without them.”

“Excellent quality, easy ordering, and a wide selection at an unbeatable price. I purchased three pairs of glasses with progressive lenses and blue blocker for the cost of one pair at a retail store.”

Progressives FAQ

What are premium progressive lenses?

Premium progressive lenses are high-quality multifocal eyeglass lenses designed to provide a comfortable and enhanced visual experience. They are often customized to individual needs and crafted with advanced technology to offer superior vision correction for presbyopia.

What are the differences between progressive lenses and bifocals?

Bifocals feature two viewing zones separated by a visible line for distance and reading. Progressive lenses offer a seamless transition between three zones—distance, intermediate, and near vision—without visible lines, for a more natural visual experience. Read more on our blog.

What sets premium progressive lenses apart from standard progressive lenses?

Premium progressive lenses offer better optical quality, wider fields of vision, and reduced peripheral distortion compared to standard progressive lenses. They are often tailored to the wearer's unique prescription and lifestyle, resulting in a more personalized and comfortable vision correction solution.

How do premium progressive lenses work?

Premium progressive lenses work similarly to standard progressive lenses by incorporating multiple prescription strengths into a single lens. However, premium lenses use advanced designs and manufacturing processes to minimize distortion and provide clearer vision across all distances.

What are the advantages of premium progressive lenses?

The advantages of premium progressive lenses include:
  • Up to a 40% wider viewing area
  • Wider intermediate and reading viewing areas provide maximum comfort
  • Sharper focus reduces eye strain
  • Reduced peripheral distortion
  • A fully customized German-engineered lens
  • Faster and easier adaptation between viewing areas

How do I order progressive lenses?

After selecting your frame, you can easily select your progressive lens. Watch this walkthrough video for simple instructions.