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Reclaim your day

Migraine Lenses for light sensitivity.

Migraine Glasses with Zenni FL-41 lenses for Light Sensitivity relief comes in three tints

Made for your relief.
Styled for your life.

Reclaim your day from light-induced pain and strain. 

Zenni's FL-41 Migraine Lenses—blending therapeutic relief and fashionable style for pain-free days. Leave behind the limitations of sunlight, fluorescent light, and screens with our specialized rose-tinted lenses. Experience tailored comfort and therapeutic relief to restore your sense of well-being.

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Zenni FL-41 Lenses in three tints for Light Sensitivity and Migraines

Turn down the volume.
Turn up your comfort.

Customized comfort
3 tint levels: 25%, 50%, 80%

Durable quality for clarity and longevity

Effortless maintenance and visibility

100% UV protection
Protects and preserves eye health

Anti-reflective coating
Reduces glare for clearer vision

Filter the pain and experience relief.

Filter the pain and experience relief.

Certain light wavelengths (480-520nm) that are found in sunlight, fluorescent lights, LED screens, and digital devices can trigger migraines and intensify light sensitivity.

Rose-tinted FL-41 lenses are able to filter out these bothersome wavelengths of painful light, providing comfort and pain relief. They reduce the impact of certain colors and enhance contrast and sharpness.

Backed by research, FL-41 lenses help migraine sufferers by reducing attack frequency and intensity, while alleviating symptoms of eye strain and light sensitivity.

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What’s your relief tint?

25% Tint


Wear indoors for mild sensitivity to fluorescent light and screens.

50% Tint


Use for versatile comfort with moderate sensitivity to indoor/outdoor light & screens.

80% Tint


Ideal for outdoor wear and for intense light sensitivity.

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Man outdoors wearing Zenni Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity

Your solution for light-sensitivity relief.

Try Zenni FL-41 Migraine Lenses

May reduce frequency & severity of migraine headaches

Work under fluorescent lights without pain

Spend time outdoors again

Enhance visual clarity without glare

Style your wellness

Add FL-41 Migraine Lenses starting at CAD$61.95 to any frame for personalized relief.

Step 1: Choose your favorite frame

Step 2: Select prescription or non-prescription

Step 3: Pick your Migraine Lenses + tint choice

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Zenni bonus items included with an FL-41 eyewear purchase: brown vegan leather eyeglass case, green lens cloth, reusable box, and insert card.

Unbox relief

Your Migraine Glasses arrive with a vegan leather case and lens cloth, nestled in a reusable box.
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Woman outdoors looking at phone wearing Migraine Sunglasses for Comfort

Relief stories

“Instant relief”

I was excited to try the pink migraine glasses. I felt instant relief from light-induced pain I've had all my life. The glasses provide immediate migraine relief.

“Huge Difference”

Wow! A huge difference for me. I didn't even know this was a thing and now I'm reaching for the aspirin bottle way less often. 

“Love my migraine glasses!”

The medium (50%) allows me to read and function normally. The strong (80%) helps calm down my tense muscles and get control again. 

“Leaves me migraine-free”

I love my glasses so much. They are a lifesaver and leave me migraine-free despite any light trigger!

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Migraine Lenses FAQ

Get answers and find your relief.

How do FL-41 migraine lenses work?

Zenni’s FL-41 migraine lenses are unique lenses that target the 480-520 nm wavelengths. This specific range of light includes those wavelengths that are most bothersome to our eyes and neurological system. By blocking these painful wavelengths of light, Zenni's FL-41 migraine lenses may help reduce the symptoms you are experiencing including photophobia and migraine headache. In addition, Zenni's FL-41 migraine lenses may improve contrast and sharpness. By reducing glare from digital screens and fluorescent lights, migraine sufferers may experience eye relief and an improvement of symptoms.

What type of conditions are FL-41 migraine lenses used for?

Zenni's FL-41 migraine lenses may improve the symptoms of our customers who are experiencing migraines and light sensitivity. In addition, FL-41 lenses may help symptoms related to post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

What lens options are available for FL-41 migraine lenses?

Non-prescription: 1.57 Mid-Index

Single Vision: 1.57 Mid-Index and 1.61 High-Index

Progressive: 1.57 Mid-Index and 1.61 High Index for our Standard, Premium, Mid-Range, and Near-Range Progressive Lenses

Bifocals: 1.61 High Index

Readers: 1.61 High Index

How often should I wear FL-41 migraine lenses?

We recommend wearing these lenses whenever you are exposed to bothersome light sources from overhead fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, digital devices, and sunlight.

How long does it take for FL-41 migraine lenses to work?

Zenni’s FL-41 migraine lenses may provide immediate relief to painful light sensitivity. As you continue to wear these lenses, your symptoms may decrease over time.

How are FL-41 migraine lenses different from just pink tinted lenses?

Zenni’s FL-41 migraine lenses are produced with a special dye that blocks out most of the 480-520 nm short wavelengths responsible for painful light. Regular pink or red tinted lenses, such as Zenni’s fashion tints are produced with a standard color pink dye.

When should I use a 25%, 50% or 80% migraine lens tint?

The 25% lens tint is designed for indoor use or for individuals who experience mild light sensitivity and/or migraines. They are designed to be worn near fluorescent lights, LEDS, and when looking at digital devices. The 50% lens tint is designed for indoor and outdoor use or for individuals who experience moderate light sensitivity and/or migraines. The 80% lens tint is designed for outdoor use in bright sunlight or for individuals who experience heavy light sensitivity and/or migraines. The 80% lens tint blocks out more of the painful 480-520nm light compared to the 25% and 50% tints.

Can FL-41 migraine lenses be used for driving?

We do not recommend FL-41 migraine lenses for driving.

Do FL-41 migraine lenses protect against UV and blue light?

All of Zenni’s FL-41 migraine lenses come with 100% UVA/UVB coating. While Zenni’s FL-41 migraine lenses target the 480-520 nm range that cause symptoms, they do filter out some of the wavelengths of blue light between 390 nm and 450 nm.

Will FL-41 migraine lenses impact the colors I see?

You will still be able to differentiate colors while wearing Zenni’s FL-41 migraine lenses. However, if you have an occupation or hobby that requires precise color perception (ex: graphic designer, photographer), you will notice a change in color perception that may interfere with your work.

Can I wear FL-41 migraine lenses over contact lenses?

Yes! You are able to order non-Rx FL-41 migraine lenses and wear over your contact lenses.

Is there supporting evidence for the use of migraine lenses?

Yes, please check out the below references: