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Women’s glasses

From simple and chic to bold and bright, explore our variety of styles to find one that is uniquely you.

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Vacay Ready

Find the perfect frame + lens combo for any sun-soaked adventure.

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Bold Acetate Glasses

Add style to any look with durable acetate glasses in bold colors.

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Iconic Styles, Refreshed

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The Perfect Women’s Glasses for Every Occasion

At Zenni, we believe that stylish glasses for women aren't just about fashion — they should be the perfect blend of design, practicality, and function. Whether you're dominating a board meeting or brunching on a sunlit patio, our collection of women's glasses has the perfect pair for your lifestyle — all at a price you’ll love.

Progressives: Seamless Transitions

For the multitasking woman, progressive lenses are a game-changer. Zenni's progressive prescription glasses for women ensure seamless transitions between reading, intermediate, and distance vision. Say goodbye to juggling multiple pairs of glasses or digging in your purse for that second pair. Our women’s prescription glasses don’t just stop at being practical. We offer a variety of frames so you can show off your personal style while making life just a little bit easier.

Cat Eye: Timeless Elegance

Cat-eye frames, the iconic choice for fashion glasses women have loved for decades, radiate elegance and grace. Zenni's cat-eye frames have been designed to flatter a variety of face shapes, combining subtle vintage vibes and bold modern looks. We offer a variety of lens shades and frame patterns, so you can always find the perfect pair.

Neutrals: Stylish Versatility

For those days when blending in is key, Zenni's neutral frames offer the ideal solution. Designed for the utmost versatility, these classic frames for women resonate with an understated charm — perfect for any event. Whether you’re hosting a big work presentation or attending the wedding of the season, every woman knows you can never go wrong with neutrals!

Migraine Glasses: Chic Relief

Women struggling with light sensitivity and migraines can finally sigh a big breath of relief. Zenni's migraine glasses are a powerful tool for warding off glare and migraine-triggering light wavelengths. The best part? These modern glasses for women don’t compromise on fashion. You can have the best of both worlds — chic style and migraine relief.

Readers: Clarity for Close-Up Tasks

For women seeking perfection in even the smallest details, Zenni’s stylish readers are the answer. Our collection promises a wide magnification range so you can find the perfect pair to help you tackle even the biggest projects. Whether you’re blowing through this year’s personal reading list or you’re looking to kickstart your productivity into high gear, our stylish and high-performance women’s glasses will never disappoint.

Rimless: Minimalist Elegance

A nod to the lovers of minimalism, rimless glasses offer a pristine look that beautifully accentuates without overshadowing. These always-in-style glasses are a testament to subtlety, sophistication, and crystal-clear vision. With various lens shapes and colors to choose from, our rimless frames empower you to embrace the minimalist look while feeling your best.

Blokz® Blue Light: Stylish Protection

Digital-age women know the harm blue light can cause. Zenni's high-tech glasses are a must-have, filtering your screens’ harmful emissions while ensuring you remain fashion-forward. Whether you’re hard at work or binging a movie marathon, you’ll find the perfect pair for ultimate protection.

Sunglasses: Where Elegance Meets Protection

Zenni's collection of sunglasses perfectly combines fashion and function. From classic aviators to modern geometric designs, our collection promises to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays while proudly displaying your style. With Zenni, you can embrace fun-filled days in the sun with impeccable style.
Zenni’s selection of women’s glasses is designed to resonate with every woman's unique style and day-to-day needs. From the elegance of cat-eye frames to prescription eyeglasses for women, we have stylish options for women everywhere. Explore the latest fashion glasses for women today!